Deb is a unique combination of directness and empathy. She has an intense commitment to supporting others and that is reflected in the way that she asks questions and particularly gives space for clients to explore their own thoughts, strengths and goals. Deb is also a master at observation and has the ability to recognize when a client may need to stay with a topic a bit longer or take a different direction in order to achieve the outcomes he/she desires. Her questioning, observations and willingness to sit with the silence have challenged me in my development as a coach and as a person.

Ann M.

Executive Coach


Deb is an expert coach who masterfully sheds light on the finer details of one's life. Experiencing her as a coach is both comforting and challenging. This speaks to her ability to pull up to the surface an underlying feature of a situation while examining it in the room without judgement -- just pure curiosity. One of the things that really stands out is her ability to be so in tune with people's indirect thoughts or experiences in a way that always exhibits unconditional love and understanding. She really knows how to connect and inspire change!



Transition Coaching

"I worked with Deb as I was considering a major career transition-which I ultimately took. Deb has unrivaled presence and is masterfully skilled at asking key questions that unlock information and create space for needed reflection (and action). Deb’s ability to truly see someone and be with them as they work through challenges, seize opportunities and celebrate their successes allows for transformational results. As a coach, Deb is bold, present, generous and incredibly connected to the person who is fortunate to share in the space with her. It’s rare to meet someone with so much curiosity, kindness and willingness to push in the most balanced and comforting way. She’s a true rockstar!


Executive Vice President

Mentor Coaching

Deb Lane is a seasoned coach and skilled communicator who easily brings people to potent places of self-exploration and systems thinking. Deb has a sharp instinct for extracting clarity from "the noise" of the day to day, and she is deeply generous and earnest in investing herself in the objective on the table, whatever that may be. She is a voice of awareness, accountability, and empowerment, and I've been fortunate to experience firsthand how she can compel a person to better understand him/herself. Deb moves with great finesse between gravity and levity, always with an unwavering commitment to the truth, and she is a true treasure of a coach!


Management Coach at PHMC, Public Health Management Corporation

Mentor Coaching

Deb Lane has a rare gift as a coach. She leans in and gets to the heart of the matter fast, regularly articulating, or helping me to become aware of, some issue or aspect of myself that is just outside my awareness, and yet fundamental to whatever issue we are exploring together. As a senior leader, it is rare to receive feedback on my growing edges, whereas time spent with Deb always reveals another area for closer attention to develop and deepen my awareness. Deb is relentless in supporting my growth as a whole human being – I know exactly what I do extremely well, and I am beginning to understand the cost of this for myself and for those I work with.

Deb’s style may sound challenging, and it is so. She asks penetrating questions, and has an elephantine memory, so that nothing is forgotten. However, this is well-matched by her integrity and compassion, and her willingness to join me so that WE work together to sift through multiple strands and perspectives, to resolve some of the challenges I have experienced during a prolonged period of turbulence and change.

Most importantly, Deb has helped me to become more strategic in my way of being. Paradoxically, this has opened up spaces and opportunities for creativity, fun and collaborative exploration. I am learning to trust the process and to recognise that we are much stronger and make wiser decisions as a team. The impact on me as a person, on my relationships with colleagues, and on my workplace has been transformative.

Belinda Harris PhD

Associate Professor, UKCP Psychotherapist, ICF Professional Coach, Chair - UK Association of Gestalt Practitioners; Training Standards Committee – Gestalt Psychotherapy Training Organisation.